Consultation & Prices

We have an online booking system where you can find available appointments. Alternatively you can ring reception where the team will be able to help.

Please feel free to bring someone with you to your appointment if you would like.

Osteopathy first appointment


(approx 60 mins)


This is approximately an hour and includes a full case history where we ask you all about your current complaint and go through a medical history.

If you have a copy of a prescription or any past relevant medical notes such as an MRI scan or xray report please bring it with you.
We then begin the examination. In order to access the problem area and treat most effectively it is helpful to work directly on the skin, therefore we will ask you to remove some clothes. Loose shorts and a vest top are normally suitable. After we have completed our examination we will discuss our findings and how best to treat the problem. Treatment will then follow.

At the end of the session where possible we will give you an estimation of how many treatments you might need for your complaint. This can very much vary between each individual. Where appropriate we will give you advice on exercises and things you can do to help yourself.

Please note that minors under the age of 16 will be required to have a parent/guardian/carer with them during the treatment who can consent for them.

Osteopathy follow up appointment


(approx 30 mins)


For patients who have attended the clinic before, even if you are attending for a different problem. This is approximately half an hour.

If you have not attended the clinic for over eight years, due to GDPR regulations, we will have to see you as a new patient once again.

Payment information:

  • A cancellation fee will be issued if 24 hours’ notice to cancel or alter an appointment is not given.
  • Online bookings are paid in full at the time the booking is made.
  • For all new patients, payment is taken in full at the time of booking, either via cash or card.
  • Cheques are no no longer accepted.
  • In instances where the cost or partial cost of the appointment is being covered via insurance or a healthcare scheme, payment must be made in full as normal and claimed back by the patient afterwards. A full receipt will be provided if needed.
  • Your data is held in accordance with GDPR. A copy of these rules can be provided upon request.