After Treatment Leaflet

As treatment progresses you should start to feel better, however this does not mean the tissues have fully healed.

Some conditions will be free from pain in 10 days, but may take more than 12 weeks to actually recover fully. It is during this time that patients overdo activity and can aggravate their condition.

Your treatment plan is devised around the best times to treat your condition. As tissues recover from injury in a reasonably predictable way, we work out your treatment schedule to fit in with this natural recovery time.

As a result of examination and treatment you may experience some increased symptoms and/or soreness.
You may also feel tired which is completely normal. This may occur in the first 24-48 hours following your appointment.


We strongly advise patients that in the first three days after treatment they stop all activities that are not essential. Things such as gardening, heavy housework, DIY and sports should be avoided unless instructed otherwise, but keeping generally mobile is important.

It is usually a good idea not to apply heat at this stage. It may give temporary relief from the pain but it often increases any inflammation. Ice can be used instead.
If you feel that your reaction to treatment is excessively severe or lasts longer than three days, please feel free to contact us for advice.